Our goal is to offer the highest quality products on the market and to maintain a constant technological improvement that allows us to offer ever greater benefits in terms of the use of plastic materials to satisfy the needs of our customers.

As a family business we are oriented in a team-work culture out of conviction, in which the personal strengths and virtues of our employees are specifically promoted. We pay special attention to expertise, training, furthermore such as trust, respect and loyalty.


We want to be the most competitive, dynamic and innovative company in the plastic packaging industry, on the other hand, in 2022, we want our biodegradable bags to take place as the market leader in Switzerland according to the current trend.

Our Team – get in touch...

Belinda Bentele CEO German, French, English, Spanish
Diego Bentele Vice-President German, English, Spanish, French
Corinne Bentele General Manager German, English
Andreas Güntert Sales & Marketing German, French, English
Sara Trotta Costumer Relations German, Italian, English
Stefano Bilotta Logistics German. Italian
Nina Hochstrasser Costumer Relations German, English

Lived Quality Assurance

We at Flexopac believe that our customers only deserve products and services of superior quality. Therefore, we are constantly working to improve our development, manufacturing and delivery processes. We consider quality one of our most important corporate goals. And this has been the case from the beginning, meaning since the foundation of our company in 1997.

We are convinced that quality assurance goes beyond the production. The success of our customers is close to our heart. It is a sign of our continuing efforts to further improve our products and procedures designed to satisfy the requirements of our customers even better.

It is important to us to understand the customer needs exactly and to satisfy them as best as possible – and that by clearly distancing us from the competition.

In other words: We are practising our corporate slogan: Simply The Best

ISO Normen und Zerifikate

Flexopac arbeitet mit den Marktleader: in der Herstellung, der Lagerung und dem Transport. Unsere Partner erfüllen höchste ISO Normen.

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